Walking the path God has laid for them…

I am currently reading a book titled ‘my children my mission field’ by Susan E. Field, which  totally resonates with my deepest hearts desire. ..to witness my ThreeApples walk faithfully with the Lord, to see them choose Christ above all else, to be fearless influencers in their generation, to see them walking the path God has laid for them – the paths that He mapped out for them way before they were born (Psalms 139)

One of the things that the author says is, ‘as you look on the precious faces of your children, visualize them walking the path God has laid out for them.  Remind yourself of how much your own love for them mirrors the love of God for them and the love of God for you.

You see, I realize that the only way to find out what this path is, is to go down on my knees on behalf of ThreeApples and find out from their creator what paths these are and what my part is in His story – the story of ThreeApples.

You see, he has the script.  He wrote it way before they came to be.  He knows knows them fully well. He is the Master, the Author of their lives. They are His, I am simply a steward, for a season.

You see, once i realized this, I started writing down prayers and praying over them, beginning with KApple, who is now 5 and then her brother MApple 2.5 and  MMApples 8 months.  I got a journal for each of them and recorded prayers that came as a result of interacting with their Heavenly Father concerning them through scripture and from reading  and praying over books like Stormie Omarias Power of a Praying Parent, and a prayer sheet one of my spiritual mothers Patty gave me.

I must say it has been and continues to be a fulfilling journey, and I am filled with so much peace, a peace that is not explainable, because I found the most divine perspective… THEY ARE HIS, AND HE KNOWS THE HOW? WHEN? WHERE? WHAT? WHICH?!!

What a privilege it is to partner with The Most High God in The Story of ThreeApples.

I would love to share these prayers right here in the coming days and I pray that as we begin to entrust our children to the Lord, we will see the Lord working in their lives and in ours too.


5 thoughts on “Walking the path God has laid for them…

  1. I am joining this journey with you and looking forward to praying for my two plums (haha) as well, thanks for sharing this journey

  2. Parenting becomes such a humbling thing and an honor at the same time when we realize as you said that we are just partners and stewards of God in this season of our precious children’s lives. What a privilege to impact them for God’s glory. I love reading your writing. KEEP IT COMING.

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