Praying for our Children … Day 13

Jeremiah 13:11

As a loincloth clings to a man’s waist, so I created Judah and Israel to cling to me, says the LORD. They were to be my people, my pride, my glory–an honor to my name. But they would not listen to me.  NLT

Precious Lord

I pray that my children would

cling to you,

hold on to you,

stick to you,

stand and abide by you,

cherish you,

remain true to you

and have faith in you and only you.

I pray that in their lifetime, they would bring you praise, glory and honor.

I pray that they not only hear your words, but walk in obedience to your voice, serving no other Gods but you.

I pray that they would not depart from you Oh Lord, but cleave to you.



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