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A mummys Prayer for HELP…


ImageSometimes, dear Lord, it seems as tho’
the children never stop!
They ask and ask, and ask again,
until my ears near pop!

Mum, fix my shoe,” “Help brush my hair.”
“I want another drink.”
“Come quickly, Mum, I think the cat
has fallen in the sink!”

Demands, demands, and more demands,
Help, Lord, it’s getting tough.
I know that mothers should be kind,
but this one’s had enough!

What’s that, dear God? You mean to say
These children are in Your plan?
To help me learn to grow into
A more mature woman?

Dear Lord, I know You gave and gave,
Had so much patience too,
.Help me to see a mother’s job
Can make me more like You.

By Jenny Hodgkinson
Printed in Above Rubies, #11.


I read this prayer yesterday, and it completely resonated with where I was at.

After a long day, with the kids, they were somehow pushing all the wrong buttons.

KMapple decided to do No.2 in the bath, as I stood right there!! *sigh*!! KKApple was being moody and KMUapple, wanted to touch everything and anything, and I just felt overwhelmed and aaarrrgggghhhhhh.

My realization…

That even in the midst of the chaos of motherhood and parenting, I am to ‘NOT LET MY CHARACTER BE CHANGED OR AFFECTED BY CIRCUMSTANCES AND PEOPLE’

That I am to be a reflection of Christ, even when my children drive me crazy

That I am to be a reflection of Christ, even when I am tired and beat

That my children will be drawn to the Person of Jesus Christ when they are with mummy.

This one only Jesus can help me in, and so to this prayer I say Amen.